Name that leader!

20 04 2009

I’m taking a quick break from cleaning house for a post…

Name!  That!  Leader!


Without looking, who appears next to Ron Guidry on this 1979 Topps ERA Leaders card?

This was part of a larger lot “near mint ++” lot that I won on eBay that was more like EX++. The seller and I did work something out, so I get to keep them at a pretty reasonable price.  I’ll post more of them, time permitting, later.

Until then, good luck Naming that Leader!  Remember, no cheating!

*UPDATE*  Here’s a hint:


*UPDATE*  Good work night owl and gcrl.  Dodger’s fans must have a special place in their heart for Craig Swan.





7 responses

20 04 2009

I cheated.

20 04 2009
night owl

I just got this card in a trade last week: Let’s see if I can remember without cheating: Gaylord Perry?

21 04 2009

JR Richard??

21 04 2009

I think it’s J.R. Richard.

21 04 2009
night owl

Craig Swan! Geez, why can’t I get anything without a hint?

21 04 2009

if it ain’t swan I gotta guess Jon Matlack. local product.

21 04 2009

craig swan. i didn’t cheat, but i needed the hint. oh, how i longed for a dodger to be featured on a league leader card. there was a dry spell between lopes in 77 and sutton in 81, so my first 3 years of collecting (78-80) were fruitless in that regard.

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