Nicest card nominee, 1979 division

3 05 2009


At some point, I’ll stop posting on 1979 Topps, but that’s all I seem to win these days.  But really, would you want to miss out on this card?

The ’79 Topps set isn’t known for it’s grand photography or great design.  It’s mostly known as the home of the Ozzie Smith rookie card and I associate it with the blue garbage bag like backgrounds on a lot of the Pittsburgh Pirates cards.   But this Blanks card hits on all levels. The blue sky.  The awkward pose.  The banner that matches his uniform color.  The fact that his facial expression casts a stare that matches his last name.  Pure cardboard poetry.

And to think it could have never been.  By the time this card came out, Larvell had already been traded to the Texas Rangers along with Jim Kern for Bobby Bonds and Len Barker.  I’m going to give the edge to Cleveland on that one.

Had Topps gone airbrush happy, or had Larvell been a better player, this card may have never been.  Who knows if Topps could have matched it’s beauty with Larvell in Rangers blue.  I for one am glad I don’t live in that world.




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