That package from Stephen I mentioned

9 05 2009

So about that package that I got that led me to those OPC cards.  Stephen at the Easy life inquired about some Turkey Red cards I had, and he sent over a few cards from two sets that I really want to put an end to.

First up, the ancient 1990 Topps set.  After our civilization is destroyed and a new one colonizes the planet, upon discovery of 1990 Topps their opinion of our culture will drop a few points.  I won’t overwhelm you with them all.


If you had asked me how many times Dravecky finished a season with an ERA over 4.00, I would have guessed twice.  The answer is never.  In fact, he only had two seasons with an ERA over 3.50.  He wasn’t a strikeout machine, but he was a pretty effective pitcher in his time.

Dave’s career, however, is overshadowed by his struggles with cancer.  He developed a rare and aggressive form of cancer in his pitching arm, leading to the removal of half his deltoid and the freezing of the bone in his pitching arm.  Dravecky rehabbed back to the majors, beating the Reds 4-3 less than a year after surgery.  In his next game versus the Expos, his humerus bone would break while pitching to Tim Raines.  It was the end of his career.

Dravecky broke the arm again celebrating the ’89 Pennant for the Giants, and doctors later found the cancer had returned.  His arm has since been amputated and he’s set up a foundation to help those with cancer in need.


A long time ago, I had this idea that I would focus on this set and collect no others until I had finished it.  I’m glad I gave that up, because I’m still 10 cards away from ending it.  Consider this another plea for help to get to the end, though.

Looking at the back of Jaret’s card, I had no idea he’d had been around for so long before his stellar 2004 with Atlanta.  Chronic shoulder problems frustrated and ended his career, but at least he got paid in 2005, signing a big money contract with (who else) the Yankees.  He was traded to the Orioles for the 2007 season and pitch three games before the pain returned.  He’s currently a “free agent” according to wikipedia.

And no I’m off.  MLB network has chosen the Reds/Cardinals game to air tonight, and I’ve already missed Harang strike out back to back batters to escape a jam and a Tavares lead off double for the good guys.  Now hopefully Bruce can drive him in and give my fantasy team a boost.



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