Where’d those Turkey Reds go?

9 05 2009

Yesterday I received my first trade package since the birth of my daughter. I realized shortly after that the cards I was supposed to send in return hadn’t gone out yet, and what’s more, I couldn’t find where I put them. Crap.

But while looking for the cards to be mailed, I found a box of 27 year old hockey cards. Not as impressive as it would have been if this were, say 1980, but I was glad to find them because they held about 15 more cards I needed for my 82-83 OPC set.

So thanks, Stephen, both for the cards, and for helping me find this box. I swear when I find your stuff, it’s on the way.


Gilbert Perreault is the original Buffalo Sabre.  He was their first draft choice, played his entire career with them, and is the only Sabre to wear the number 11 since it was retired after he hung up the skates.  He never hoisted the cup, falling two games short during the 74/75 season.


While in Buffalo, how about 1980 USA Olympic Gold Medal winner Mike Ramsey?  The back of the card tells us that Ramsey is a bachelor, so start building your time machine ladies, and set it for 1982.  Just don’t run into yourself, or you’ll screw up the future for the rest of us, too.


I tried to find video of the Doug Risebrough/Marty McSorley fight – you know, the one where Risebrough loses the fight but gets McSorley’s jersey and tears it up with his skates while in the penalty box, but I couldn’t find it anywhere.  Doug won four cups while in Montreal, but is best known for being a pest and a leader in Calgary.  Go figure.


Yeah, yeah, Potvin was a great player and all.  But this is what makes his card my favorite of the bunch:


I have no idea if that means he served at the wedding as an actual witness, was invited to the wedding to watch the nuptials, or just had it on in his house and watched it on TV.

I also wonder if anyone taught themselves French by reading the backs of OPC cards.



2 responses

9 05 2009
night owl

Trust me, my wife knew all about Ramsey. She was a HUGE Sabres fan as a teenager (she’s a Buffalo native).

10 05 2009

no sweat man – not worried about it in the least.

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