Drivin’ the 9’s: 89′ UD from GCRL

13 05 2009


Imagine if Griffey had sucked, and Rolando Roomes had found his stroke and became king.  This would then be the iconic card from the ’89 Upper Deck.  Rolando Roomes shooting one up the chimney.  Instead, Roomes was the first Jamacian player not to make an All Star team, and the Griffey is still king.


Tim Leary was pretty good in 1988, winning the Comeback Player of the Year award.  He threw 9 complete games and 6 shutouts, and that was still second on his team.  It was clearly a time before pitch counts destroyed the drama of it all.  1989 saw him traded to the Reds, and then Leary lost his form going into 1990.  Probably all the LSD he did.

What?  Wrong Timothy Leary?  Sorry.


Who’s the only Expo to be in Cooperstown?  This guy, and he may end up being the only one if Andre Dawson and Tim Raines remain outside looking in.  I’m in the camp that Raines belongs.  Dawson I’m not quite sold on.  Feel free to convince me either way in the comments.  I like to think that Carter’s legging out one of his two triples on the card above.


As a kid, how can you not giggle everytime you pull a card of Aase?  You can’t, that’s how.  Don is the first California Angel of Anehiem just outside Los Angeles to win a post-season victory.  As an Oriole, he lost two games on the same day, taking the “L” on both ends of a doubleheader in 1986.  I can’t imagine that’s very common, but have no idea how to look it up.

Thanks for the help, GCRL, and I hope you’ve seen even a modest spike in trade offers since my last post.  And if you haven’t been one to help him, why the heck not?

And if you’re interested in helping me complete the ’89 Upper Deck set, send me an email and I’ll send you a wantlist.  I’m currently 320 cards from my goal of finishing it up.  Every little bit will help.




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28 05 2009

I was banking on Juan bell. Happy to help.

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