My first 2009 Topps Series 2 card

27 05 2009


I’m still around folks, and I’ve just started opening my box of 2009 Topps.  First card pictured.  And since the foil doesn’t scan well, I’ll tell you it’s Jarrod Washburn.  Tonight he pitched 6 innings of shutout ball only to see Miguel Bautista blow his chance as at a win by giving up 4 runs in a third of an inning.  Bautista’s getting some serious Indian burns from Jarrod in the clubhouse as we speak.

First quick thoughts:  Still nice cards, though not as awe inspiring as series 1.  That’s either because series 1 set the bar so high, or Topps decided they could skate a little bit with series 2.  There’s still some nice looking cards, but there seems to be a lot more of the standard shots like Washburn’s above.  There is only so much creativity you can show over the course of 660 cards, I guess.  Plus Update and Highlights.  Man, I really hope they revamp the heck out of that one.

Anyway, they’ll be more to come.  I’m just not sure when.




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