My first 2009 Upper Deck Series 2 card

28 05 2009


I almost didn’t buy any series 2 Upper Deck cards.  After a horrible and damage filled experience with Series 1 (I just sent 3 packages off to Upper Deck – 120 cards – and I still have more to send), I figured I’d save myself some hassle and keep my sanity by just giving up.

But after reading the Upper Deck was trying to fix production issues (which I assume means trying to put out undamaged cards), I thought I’d give it one more try.  But I wasn’t going to blow a whole bunch of money on it, so I bought a rack pack box which should give me enough cards to fill my set.

Boy do I regret that decision.

“Hot boxes” aside, Dennis Sarfate is actually the perfect representation of Upper Deck for me.  After a solid 2008 that still had some issues, Sarfate appeared in 8 games this year, sports a hefty 6.39 ERA and is now on the disabled list for a numb hand.  A pretty big disappointment so far.  Upper Deck series 2 sports a heft 33% damage rate and has me numb with anger that I gave in and bought more of their cards.  It’s a perfect parallel.

Aside from the traditional printers line down the center of the card and the bent top corners with a visible crease on the back, the two packs I opened had cards with what appeared to be eraser marks, gouges, and more.  I should get my packages from Upper Deck from series 1 just in time to mail off these when I’m done.  Oh boy.

All of this makes me feel okay about saying  goodbye to Upper Deck’s baseball license if thier license is lost.  If they are going to put out crappy cards anyway, why keep them around?




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