2009 Topps Red Hot Rookie #1

29 05 2009

2 days in the majors, 0-7 at the plate with 2 k’s for the Mets, and Fernando Martinez is your first Red Hot Rookie for 2009.


There’s lots of debate on whether F-Mart is a legit prospect or if he’s just a product of New York market hype.  He still falls in the top 40 on most prospect lists I know, and Baseball America ranks him #1 in the Mets organization for 2009.  Here’s a quote from their book that highlights the debate:

Some scouts outside the organization see Martinez as a tweener, a left fielder who lacks impact power, while others see a gifted hitter with an improving approach who should develop average to plus power.

One important thing to remember as you watch him is that he’s only 20 years old. If he hadn’t signed with the Mets, he’d probably be in college right now studying for a business final and playing beer pong. I for one don’t think he’s ready now, but with better plate discipline and more consistency, he could be something big.




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