The Reds get pwned

1 06 2009


I had a post all planned out for when Micah Owings blanked the Brewers today. It was going to be this cards with the caption, “They can’t hit what they can’t see.” Of course, that didn’t work out to well, but at least I figured out a way to still use the joke.

If you had told me at the beginning of the season that the Reds would be less than five games out of first as we headed into June, I would have said you were crazy.  I would have even bet money that you were wrong.  Well, even after getting swept by the Brewers this weekend, I’d have to write you a check.  The Reds are still only 3.5 games from the Central division lead.

I’m not going to lie to you, I was disappointed about the weekend’s outcome.  But I wouldn’t have been as disappointed if the Reds hadn’t been doing so well up to now, something I’m not sure anyone expected.  And the funny thing is, they’ve done all this with while playing without their regular third baseman for most of the year, being down their first baseman for the past three weeks, and missing production from a guy who is usually one of the better second basemen in the NL.  Add to that a shortstop that played no baseball at all last year and a roster spot for Darnell McDonald, and Reds fans should be grateful that the boys from Cincinnati are still battling for the playoffs at all.

Some teams take meaningful baseball in June for granted.  These are the teams with money to throw around and a big market to support them.  The Reds are not one of those teams.  Hopefully the Reds can start the week in St Louis by sweeping the Cardinals and keeping themselves in the thick of things.  If things go the other way, well, it may take the rest of the meaning out of the season.

As for Micah, well, I can see why the folks at Dinged Corners were so high on him.  Even if he is a little worse than league average, he’s still given me two memorable moments from 2009 already.  One is the pinch hit home run in the 9th of Ryan Franklin, a nine pitch at bat that tied the game and sent it to extra innings, a game the Reds would eventually lose.  The other is the 5 and 2/3 innings of relief he threw on May 16th against the Padres, a game that ended with a walk off home run for Nick Hundley and the Padres.

Even though the endings weren’t there, Micah can still generate some excitment in a season that I had already written off before it started.  And now that the Reds have turned my pessimism into a hopeful optimism, I’d be foolish to turn my back now.




2 responses

2 06 2009
Dinged Corners

It’s just that Micah is incredibly fun to watch. He is one hundred percent enthusiastic and high energy and PRESENT. There are so many players that seem like they’re thinking about something other than the game. He even looks fully engaged when he’s sitting in the dugout.

2 06 2009

I agree. Since I’m west coastal I don’t get to see much of Micah and the Reds. This year our cable company added a Padres channel, and the extra inning affair that he pitched in was the only game I got to watch. I can’t remember when I last rooted so hard for one guy before or felt so bad for that guy when he lost.

If he can pitch a little better for the Reds as the season goes on, he’ll really become a fan favorite in Cincinnati. While I’m still a fan of Adam Dunn, I’m really like this part of that deal.

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