Name those base stealers!

2 06 2009

Found this via…  somewhere.  It’s a challenge to name all the members of the 90+ stolen base club since 1901.   Color me a little surprised that the club only has eight members.

Despite my initial surprise, though, it was a bit of a struggle for me to get five right.  The sixth I probably should have known, and the last two I never would have guessed.

Now, if I knew how to hide this from view unless you wanted to see it, I would.  But since I don’t, so you all get a free hint:


Everyone should get Rickey, right?  So that’s probably not what I’m getting at…

Good luck!




3 responses

2 06 2009

I also got five, one of which was embarrassing to miss, one slightly embarrassing and one I would probably never have gotten.

2 06 2009
night owl

I got seven within the first 45 seconds and then spent the whole remaining 4:15 trying to figure out the eighth. I never did. I don’t think I ever would have gotten it, although it’s a player I know well.

13 06 2009
White Sox Cards

I was only missing two. One very well known player and a name that I wasn’t overly familiar with. I got all the ex White Sox players though.

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