The offensive Reds

15 06 2009

So the last time the Reds scored more than 4 runs in a game was June 3rd.  Laynce Nix hyt two home runs and drove in four.  Brandon Phillips also went yard and drove in three.  A 9-3 stomping of the division rival Cardinals had the Reds poised to move into second place and end a road trip of rivals only a game and a half back.

Then it seems the whole team forgot how to hit.  In the ten games since, the Reds have hit .154 and have more strikeouts then hits (65 Ks vs 60 hits).  They scored a total of 24 runs, and that includes six games against the league worst Nationals and the then last place Royals.  In fact, the Reds fell victim to an 80 pitch complete game at the hands of elf Luke Hochevar.

Really that 9 run game was an anomoly, and the problems started when Joey Votto left the line up.  Without him, the Reds have scored an anemic 41 runs in 14 games.  That’s a little less than three runs a game and that’s about what I was expecting at the start of the season.  Having Votto spoiled me.  And I want to be spoiled again.

Joey’s currently on the DL for a “stress related injury,” and there’s no time table for his return.  That also means there’s no timetable for the Reds to start winning again, or at least scoring more than 4 runs a game.  They face the Braves this week, and I’m doubting that Jair Jurrjens or Javier Vasquez will be the cure for what ails those bats.  That means at least two more games of nail biting victories or worse yet, blowout losses.  The best bet’s going to be the Henson kid on Thursday, or Clayton Richard of the White Sox on Friday.

I’m not holding out hope the Reds get to a full hand this week, but if Votto returns then all bets are off.  I just hope seeing his team struggle without him doesn’t add even more to his stress levels.  I know it’s added to mine.



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