2009 Goudey blaster review

16 06 2009

So I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things when it comes to blogging and collecting.  I was foolishly hoping that with seven weeks off work (the FLMA is the greatest thing ever, by the way) that I would find a little bit of time to sort some cards and get rid of things I didn’t need any more.  Note the word foolishly in that sentence.  None of that happened.  I still have heaps of cards to sort, and no real free time to speak of eminent.

But while things didn’t get cleaned up, they also didn’t grow out of hand.  A lack of free time affected everything, and that includes card buying.  Oh, I had my chances on diaper runs to Target, but I often found myself grabbing packs and blasters and then putting those things back.  If I didn’t have time to sort what I already had, then why should I add to the stacks, I thought.

I even used that logic to deny myself 2009 Goudey, a set I’ve been curious about ever since information was released in January.  Even after (or because of?) the general panning the set has taken on the blogs since it’s release, I wanted just a pack or two to get a real feel for the set.  Seeing pictures of cards is one thing.  Holding them in your hands is something else entirely.

Three paragraphs to say that last Thursday, I finally turned off my brain long enough to get the Goudey blaster in my cart, paid for, and out the door before I thought better of it.  I fully intended to do post the break last Thursday, but while I opened packs I also kept track of  the Reds game online Thursday, a game that went from nailbiting anticipation of a sweep to angry disappointment that the Reds (literally) threw the game away.  Watching your team suck can really take the thrill out of baseball.

Plus I’ve realized (and I may have said this before) that you probably don’t care that I pulled Cory Wade as the third card from my first pack, or that Chase Utley was the second to last card I got.  You just want to see good stuff, right?  I’m all for that.


I will, however, post the first card of the box, and that’s Justin Verlander.  He started off horribly this year, posting a 9.00 ERA after his first four starts.  Since then, he’s given up 8 runs in 65 and 1/3 innings (a 1.10 ERA) while striking out 81.  Egad the kid is good.


While all the talk in Redsland is about the return of Joey Votto, the Reds would also benefit from the return of this guy here.  I know Edwin was only hitting .127 before he went on the DL with his wrist injury, but if you look at the guys playing in his place, his stats aren’t that far from theirs.  Plus, he was playing with a fractured wrist.  Guys like Gonzalez and Taveras have no real excuse.


Nothing against Lefty here, but I’m not a fan of these.  Too boring.  I’d love to see him get the Goudey treatment, even though I know folks aren’t a fan of the washed out faithfulness that Upper Deck used this year.


Like this Gaylord Perry card.  Head and shoulders above Carlton, if you ask me.


I also got some Wood in this box, and even though I don’t like the Cubs, I like pulling their jersey cards simply because of the blue.  It’s a nice change of pace from the gray or white swatches you usually get.


I’m also liking these.  I grabbed the Josh Beckett hot box off the shelf, hitting the base card, this Heads Up version, and a green mini version of him.  I must say that this is one set where the mini versions don’t do much for me, either.


And finally,  a 4 in 1.  I pulled three of these, which seems pretty average.  I have a feeling the same thing will be said about these four, when all is said and done.

The more I look, the more I like. I’m not thrilled at chasing down 100 SP’s to complete the thing, but I’ll wait until this starts the same long and precipitous price drop that most Upper Deck products seem to take before I buy a box or two and put together the set.

The blaster:

Base cards: 51 out of 200 (25.5%)
Base set short prints: 1 out of 20 (5%) – Gaylord Perry
Sports Royalty: 1 out of 40 (2.5%) – Steve Carlton
1938 Goudey Heads Up: 1 out of 40 (2.5%) – Josh Beckett
Green mini parallels:  2 out of 200 (1%) – Josh Beckett, Carlos Pena
Blue mini parallel: 1 out of 200 (.5%): Torii Hunter
1935 Goudey 4 in 1: 3 out of 100 (3%)
Goudey Memorabilia: Kerry Wood
20th Anniversary Waster: 1 – Who cares




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