Career Best?

19 06 2009

Here’s the auto I pulled from my 2009 Topps Jumbo box:


I don’t want to look a gift Red in the mouth here, but if you’re going to have a insert set called “Career Best,”  shouldn’t you make sure the guy on the front has an actual career?  Because right now, there’s not much to Dickerson’s, as evidenced by the card back:


Wow!  Chris has a career high of 1 HR in a game, something he’s done five times!  Let’s give him his own autographed insert!

I’m not saying that Dickerson won’t have a career, but I am saying he hasn’t put up a really god one quite yet.  I think he should be playing more than a certain CF the Reds have that’s gone 8 for his last 94 at the plate and given a chance, but that’s just me.  And a lot of other Reds fans.  Just not Dusty Baker.




3 responses

19 06 2009

I’d much rather have a Dickerson auto than Taveras… Just sayin’

20 06 2009

Leadoff triple, zero runs scored. These guys are awful.

23 06 2009
Dinged Corners

Players who just show up should be appreciated for showing up, as that is half the battle, but maybe they ought not to be asked to sign a ton of stickers to be slapped on cards. The results are unthrilling.

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