iPhone baseball

21 06 2009

I just had the image of Beavis and Butthead playing frog baseball, only with an iPhone.  That’s not what I’m talking about, of course.  If you want to see iPhone destruction, I can only recommend this.

The evening I downloaded the MLB at bat 2009 app for my iPhone.  It’s teh awesome.  Not only can I listen to games for the rest of the season, I can watch a couple games a day (of MLB’s choosing), watch in game video highlights, and so much more.  And all for $10 bucks.  I believe the online audio is $20, so I’m $10 bucks ahead.  Well, minus the cost of the iPhone and service, of course.

Even better, MLB at bat 2009 lets you listen to the game while it’s in sleep mood, saving your battery but still giving you the game.  Awesome.

I fully expect MLB to screw it up next year by charging more or offering less.  But for this year, sign up. 

/free advertising for iphone, mlb at bat 2009, and baseball in general




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