2009 Upper Deck OPC thought

22 06 2009

I drove to a big box store this morning just to see what they have in the way of cards, and for the most part it was a barren wasteland.  They did have a few 2009 Upper Deck OPC packs, including the rack packs.  I thought about buying one, but after looking at the blaster box bottoms, I decided to pass.

What did I see that turned me off?  The same thing I’ve seen on pack rips that turned me off, too.  So I have to ask, as this set seems to gain acceptance in the hobby:  Am I the only one who doesn’t like the close up faces with the solid colored backgrounds?  I know dayf had a post comparing these with the 1976 Topps release, but those ’76 cards were all outdoor shots done with 70’s technology.  Looking at those cards now seems almost quaint.

Seeing the images from 2009 OPC, though, I think those posed close up shots cards would drive me nuts.  Couldn’t Upper Deck have gone outside with these guys?  Taken them to the local diamond and snapped a couple Polaroids or something?  These cards already detract from an already frustrating set.  Upper Deck has become the company of decent ideas and poor follow through.

I’ll be honest, I’m not a big fan of the indoor shots period, and it looks like this set it loaded with them.  Bleah.

I could just be cranky after 12 hours of work, though.




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