2009/10 OPC hockey preview

22 06 2009

There’s actually four hockey releases already announced for the 2009/10 season out there already, I’ve just been lax in bringing them to you.  So I figured I’d start off with my favorite looking of the bunch and a set I will probably struggle to collect once again – 2009/10 OPC Hockey.

Included again this year is a “Retro variation” that falls one per pack, a concept I thought dead thanks to Topps’ downer of a lawsuit.  I think I took more trade requests for my 79-80 OPC parallels then any other card type from last year.  I understand that Topp’s had to protect their creative property and all, it’s just too bad they couldn’t find a solution that didn’t ruin all the fun.


These base cards are bounds and leaps ahead of last year’s design.  Once again, there’s 500 of these, to go along with


the 100 card short prints, seeded 1:2 packs.  These look really good, too.

In fact, looking over the sell sheet, there’s only one real difference between this year’s and last year’s offering.  Last year there was one auto and four triple relics per case.  This year, it’s two autos and three quad relics per case. Other wise, it’s still 36 retro variations, a box hit (last year it was the Winter Classic, this year it Canadian hockey greats), the 18 short prints, 9 gold parallels, 1-2 retro parallels, and the 9 “OPC” inserts (trophies, team checklists, league leaders, and season highlights, I believe).

So what’s too keep me from rushing out and preordering right now?  This, lifted word for word from last year’s review:

Boxes are 36 packs a box, 6 cards a pack. One of those cards a pack is a “variation” card (more in a moment). That’s 5 cards. There are 20 other inserts scheduled a box, leaving you with 160 of the 500 regular base cards. The last 100 cards of the set come 1 every other pack.  You get 18 of those, so your total base card haul from OPC will be… 132 cards. Boxes sell for around $50, so that’s 200 dollars to hand collate a set, providing perfect collation.

Upper Deck’s done nothing to make this set any easier to collect. Last year my anger turned to accepting complacence in dealing with Upper Deck. With a nice looking base card, I may just bite the bullet and do this whole thing all over again.




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