2009 Topps Series 2 Jumbo box review

25 06 2009

I’m going to mail this one in a little. I’ve already sorted and filed most of the cards and then I realized I hadn’t done any sort of review. So here’s the Cliff Notes so you don’t have to read the whole thing.

Series 2 cards have a bluer tint to them when placed next to series 1 cards.  I have no idea why.

There are a few standout photos, and it seems a whole lot more of the baseball players playing baseball poses.

The horizontal card came in groups.  I never pulled one alone, and they usually came in fours and fives.

Topps still can’t get foil to print on all the cards.  I’m aggravated with both companies that they can’t quality control a little better.  Ridiculous.

My nominee for Night Owl’s Worst Card of the Year award:


Too many colors, Votto gets lost in the background, and a 30 double 20 HR guy is shown bunting.  Bleech.

Hopefully Ring of Honor gets retired before U & H.  I wish the same for Toppstown, but I know that won’t happen.

Turkey Reds look nice, but it’s hard for them not to.  40 more to add to the list.  The Legends of the Game inserts look miles better with more modern photos.  Not a fan of the series 1 incarnation, but these look nice.  I wonder why Topps changed the numbering to the players initials, though.


The World Baseball Classic inserts are, um, colorful.  Should I be excited that I got a Yuleski Gourriel?  I have no idea.

Topps is going to overuse their CMG contract people, if they haven’t already.  At least the Career Best Legends look nice.


My “hits”:  Bernie Williams jersey from the WBC, Cano bat, and a Dickerson Auto.  I’ll trade the Bernie and the Cano.

And finally, and I just noticed this so it goes last, it’s nice to see Topps found a use for that Jay Bruce photo from the 2008 U & H sell sheet.


I’d recognize that track anywhere.

Overall, an enjoyable break.  But is the fun of all those packs ruined by the lack of trading for needed cards afterwards?  I just don’t know…




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