Upper Deck out of replacements for Series 1

30 06 2009

A few weeks ago I sent Upper Deck three packages of cards from Upper Deck Series 1 baseball that were pack damaged in the way the only Upper Deck can (those printing lines down the middle).

Today, a return package was in my mailbox, and I could tell it wouldn’t have a happy ending.  And it didn’t.  40 damaged cards were inside, as well as “some complimentary product as a small indication of [their] appreciation.”


Leave it up to Upper Deck to take a bad situation and make it worse.  Is there anyone out there collecting this set?  Anyone at all?

The worst part is that leaves a giant 120 card hole in my 2009 Upper Deck series 1 set, and I’ve got a big stack of Series 2 cards that need to be returned.  Guess I’ll need to get those in the mail soon.




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