Nobody cares about my fantasy team

1 07 2009

I know it’s true, but I had to share this somewhere.  Yesterday, I benched this guy


Brett Anderson because he’s a struggling rookie.  He went 5 1/3, gave up 1 run and K’ed 7, running into problems in the sixth.  Not to worry, I thought, because I had a former Cy Young award winner


and this guy


going for me tonight.

Their combined effort:  6.2 innings, 15 ER, and a 3.45 WHIP.  There goes those two categories this week.

On a blogging note, I’ve made it through some of the wantlists already and cards are speeding off to destinations if they haven’t already arrived.  I had planned to get more done today, but a family emergency arose.  Everything’s fine now, but it really took a lot out of the day.

I may get to it tomorrow, or it may take another week.  But it will get done.

Feel free to complain about your fantasy team here.



One response

1 07 2009

I’m having a really horrible fantasy season so far, and the worst thing is that, with four teams, I am having trouble even pinpointing the problems. I guess my players need to start hitting and pitching, respectively, but I don’t think they are that terrible yet consistently are getting outperformed.

Even Chris Carpenter killed me last night.

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