Trading with Tunguska

1 07 2009

Is it really a trade when you haven’t sent anything back yet?  I’d forgotten all about working things out with Tunguska until a package of cards landed in my box.  Luckily I still had some cards I pulled for him aside and a brand new wantlist was enclosed in the box to boot.  Now when things return to some normalcy around here, I’ll have plenty to do.

To show how life continues to invade my collecting world, this box arrived mid week last week and I finally had a few moments to look at it today.  So to celebrate the opening of the NHL free agency signings, I got a crapload of cards for my 2008/09 OPC set.  Hoorah!


There are few visually interesting cards in this set, but the grimace on Sundin’s face helps qualify this one.  Mats will always be known as a Maple Leaf even after last years half season with Vancouver.  No word yet on if Mats will retire or come back for one more run.


Probably the only reason that Gaborik hasn’t signed anywhere today is injuries.  He’s averaged a little over 50 games a season over the last four years and played only 17 games in the 2008-09 season.   I guess you could say he’s well rested and ready to sign.  Rumors put everyone in New York, but the Rangers may be forced to take the risk without a clear goal scorer on their roster right now.


By far one of the uglier cards I got, only because Upper Deck chose to list Tucker with the Avs while leaving him in the Maple Leafs jersey.  I’m wondering after his off year last year if Avs fans would have rather seen him stay in Toronto, too.


Another frankencard, this time Erik Cole.  He resigned today with the Hurricanes, the only team he seems to want to play for.


Zherdev’s a guy who’s full of potential, but doesn’t seem to know how to use it.  He started out well, but really tailed off as the season went and ended up scoreless in the 7 game loss to the Capitals.  Not sure if he’s back next year or not, but I know the Rangers made an offer.  There’s rumors he’s off to Russia to play next year.


And finally, Upper Deck has no color pictures of Lanny McDonald?  Really?

As I was finishing this up, rumor came out that Gaborik wants $75 million over 10 years.  Yikes.  I just can’t see that happening, so it probably will sometime soon.

Thanks Tunguska.  I’ll be working on more cards for you soon.

*UPDATED*  Not really, but who knew Tunguska had his own theme song?




2 responses

2 07 2009

Rangers sign Gaborik.

2 07 2009
Doc T

Cole will always be a Cane, and I’m glad we got him at a lower salary. Now if they can resign Larose and PLEASE pick up a big D-Man to patrol the crease!

I will maintain that if we still had Wesley, the Pens wouldn’t have camped out on Ward’s front door, thus the SCF may have been a different story… 🙂

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