The local card shop

9 07 2009

is charging $120/box or $5/ pack for me to scratch that Ginter itch.  I laughed.  I’ve got two boxes coming in the mail for just a little more than that.

And I’ve been posting this in comments elsewhere, but seriously:  Blowout has boxes of Allen and Ginter for $73.99.  Atlanta Sports Cards has them for $75.99.  I think those are the best deals I’ve seen so far.  If you can wait, I’d try there first.




2 responses

9 07 2009

That’s highway robbery to charge that! Luckily, my local shop gives me a good deal at $76 per box. No shipping, just NYS tax, but it’s worth it to have it in my greedy little hands.

9 07 2009

Local shop wanted $120 + tax. Got mine online for almost half that as well. I’d love to support the local guy, but not at that sort of markup. Since he’s charging $5/pack there’s no break on buying the entire box.

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