Topps series 2 throwbacks and darks

13 07 2009

Every time I end up at Target I look at the series 2 blasters and wonder whether they have throwbacks inside.  Then I remember that I didn’t care much for them anyway, and put them aside.  I have yet to journey to the local WalMart.

Still it seems by a comparable time now we had seen the stealth blaster parallels from series 1 rear their heads, so I thought I’d ask Topps if they were coming out for series 2 as well.  Here’s their response.

Please be advised these will be released in approximately 4 weeks. They will clearly be labeled on the box as black boarder (sic) cards as well. Thank you for your interest in Topps.

So there you go.  For those of you waiting for official word before you get in on Grand Cards’ group breaks, there’s no reason not to anymore.