The trading post

14 07 2009

Yes, I know I haven’t been moving at a break neck pace at getting to your wantlists, but I have been slowly making my way through all of them.

I believe I made it up to Project Phillies, and if you’ve got a list before hers  and I haven’t contacted to you about all the wonderful cards I have or the fact that I came up short, drop me an email so I can go back and make things right.  Like a quantum leap, of sorts, only not so scientific.

There’s still time to get in on the action, too.  Just post a wantlist in the sticky comment at the top of the blog so I know it’s out there and I can check it out.  We’ll work out the rest from there.



Look what came in the mail…

14 07 2009

It’s another package from Night Owl!  Hooray!

I’m reallly looking forward to a post or two that may be coming up over at his blog sometime soon.  I’m sure he’ll know what I’m talking about, since I already told him it was coming, and I know he won’t disappoint.  It’s sure to be teh awesome.

And speaking of teh awesome, Night Owl sent me a few new candidates for best card of 2009.  First off, this Omar Vizquel from 2009 Upper Deck.


Byrnes is totally beating the throw.  No way he’s out unless he overslides the bag.  And am I the only one surprised that the Giants are leading the wild card hunt so far this year?  I don’t think I am.


Did you know the Nationals hired a “Special Assistant: Player Concerns” to follow Dukes around and keep him out of trouble?  Me either.  I guess it’s worked pretty well so far, because I haven’t heard much about his off field antics since he knocked up that 17 year old foster child.  Dukes is currently hitting the cover off the ball in AAA.

I think these next three were tabbed for a mailbox in Georgia and just got put in the wrong package:


Check out that Maddux card in the center there.  It’s quite a beauty.  dayf, if you are reading this and need the Smoltz, let me know.  I think I have another one coming in the mail.

Finally, Night Owl caps the awesome with


a 1989 Eric Davis mini that I’ve never seen before!  I believe this is UK only release, which means Night Owl must have crossed the Atlantic to find it.  Thanks, Night Owl!