2009 Topps Red Hot Rookie #4

15 07 2009

I have a feeling I’ll say this every time, but that goodness Topps went halvsies on the Red Hot Rookie redemption set.  Ten is a much better number, even if the folks at Schoolhouse Rock didn’t make a song about it.

Okay, so I know I’m late to this one, but for consistency sake, here goes:


Coming into the season, Hanson was a top 10 prospect.  Not just in the Braves organization, but in baseball overall.  Not bad for a guy who signed for $325k back in 2006.  Hanson is a potential ace and will now be known as the guy who the Braves cut Tom Glavine for.  Awesome mantle for a young kid to claim.

So far, it hasn’t affected him negatively.  After a shaky first start, he’s given up 6 runs in his last 6 starts (35 innings) and struck out 20 over that same time frame.  So far the only concern would be his walk total (20), but so far he’s been saved by the lack of hits he’s given up.

The 2009 Topps Red Hot Rookies:

#1 Fernando Martinez, OF, Mets
#2 Gordon Beckham, SS, White Sox (1 in 10 will be auto’ed)
#3 Andrew McCutchen, OF, Pirates
#4 Tommy Hanson, P, Atlanta


A few quick Allen and Ginter thoughts

15 07 2009

Boxes have arrived and the wife and I have opened two packs a piece. She’s already pulled a relic (Sizemore), a black bordered mini short print (or boarder, as Topps calls it), and one of the Greatest Hoaxes cards. I’ve gotten this:


I had no idea what was going on this card until I read about who Opstedahl is on the back.  Even now I can say it’s not the best choice of pictures.

And I must say that this is one instance where the scans of the cards look nicer then the cards themselves.  At least the pastel watercolor background ones.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt that way before.  The “live action” cards with the real baseball images look great, though.

And because of the overabundance of Ginter posts, I won’t be doing a pack by pack breakdown. I’ll just post some cards here and there that I like. Or don’t. Whatever.