Am I blue?

28 07 2009

Maybe Cyan:


The cynic in me says it’s not a baseball player, but I’ve beat him down.  No matter how many 1 of 1’s are out there, it’s still pretty sweet to pull one of your own.   And I actually pulled it, not the missus.  Awesome.




7 responses

28 07 2009
night owl

Nice. I, too, would think, “it would’ve been nice if it was a ballplayer.”

28 07 2009

Nice. I’ve never done that.

28 07 2009
Squeeze Play Cards

Congrats. It is a great feeling to pull a 1 of 1 even though they have lost some of their shine. I have not pulled one myself. I did get one in a bulk lot purchase from Ebay once.

28 07 2009

Nice. I’ve only pulled one myself, as you know.

28 07 2009

Nice pull. I know that 1/1’s are overproduced and not as big of a deal as they used to be but if you are not an investor and a true collector it is neat to have a crad that no one else in the world has or will ever have for that matter.

28 07 2009
Captain Canuck

if you don’t count sketch cards, I’ve only pulled two. And I couldn’t care less about them. I gave one away, and recently traded a printing plate for some OPC I needed.
Still cool though…

1 08 2009

Nice pull. I really like the printing plates from Ginter. Very happy the 09’s on E-Bay are pretty affordable at the moment.

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