This years Update and Highlights quandry

2 08 2009

Last year was easy:  Jay Bruce’s “rookie” card was in the Updates and Highlights set, and I couldn’t miss that.  So I bought a box and put together the set. 

This year, I count three Reds:  Ryan Hanigan (who could be ROY material if he was used properly by Dusty), Daniel ray Herrera, and Matt Maloney’s rookie card.  Nothing really worth a box, right?  The All Star game relics look nice enough, but again aren’t enough to justify a box.  Also not much of a draw are more WBC relics and even more Ring of Honor cards.  And more Toppstown.  Yeesh.

One of the draws believe it or not is my interest in the pictures on the base cards.  Will Topps continue to show innovation and creativity in the set, or will it feature posed stoic faces looking off in the distance as in past years?  I can find that without opening a box when the blogs go crazy for the Highlights and Lowblows contest (sign up now!).  Then there’s the next 50 Turkey Red cards and 25 more Legends of the Game cards featuring players from the first two series in a different teams uniform.  Frank Robinson Reds card?  Here’s hoping.  I’d like to complete these sets, but it’d be easier just to get these off eBay and be done with them, right?

So that leaves one real draw:  Propaganda Posters.  Chris at Stale Gum has already mentioned them, and the only thing that scares me is that they’ll end up being a one-a-jumbo insert that doesn’t translate well to the standard sports card size.  I almost wish these were the box toppers so you’d know they’d be a good size.

So that’s where my sleep addled mind sits, squarely on the fence.  I’m not sure there’s any other baseball set I’m interested in chasing right now (I may go after 2009 Goudey sometime next year), so it’s this or nothing.  Anyone with a compelling argument one way or the other?




One response

2 08 2009
Chris Harris

IIRC, the Propaganda posters are 1:6 in wax (retail and Hobby) and one-per-pack in HTA; and there are 30 of them (one-per-team).

For the record, Jay Bruce is the Red that’s on the checklist.

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