Where I’ve been

12 08 2009

You may have noticed a whole lot of silence from the blog recently. Nothing major, just some vacation time to collect my thoughts. It’s actually quite nice to not be caught up in blogging and the whole Topps baseball exclusive thing. From what I’ve seen, though, it seems baseball card bloggers are quite a pessimistic bunch.

Upper Deck’s been doing it with hockey for years. Sure it’s not my favorite thing, but it makes it easier for me as a set collector to chose what I want to collect. The industry doesn’t get as much money from me, though, and I think the Topps exclusive will see me saving even more. Good for me.

Either way, the industry will go on. Topps had ups and downs even before 1981 when Fleer and Donruss entered the scene. Topps will continue to be challenged to put out good product because they want to make money. Putting out crap will lead to their downfall. I wonder if Upper Deck’s recent history of misses led in part to this change.

Anyway, I’m not gone forever, and I’m still working on wantlists when I get a chance. I’ll have more later. I hope.




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