2009 Allen and Ginter wants up

15 08 2009

In the last bit of free time I may have for the next four days, I’ve updated my wantlists to reflect both the rejection from Upper Deck and my Allen and Ginter wantlists.

I was pretty lucky with my two boxes of A&G, getting minimal duplicates for the set.  My National Pride and Sketch cards overlapped quite a bit, though.  I’m not sure what insert sets I’m going to chase.  Probably the Creatures of Legend, Myth and Terror set as well as the low lying fruit of the National Prides.  If I ever get to the end of those, I’ll contemplate the minis and the rest of the stuff.  Except the Sketch cards.  I must be the only guy on the planet who’s not a fan of those.

Anyway, thanks for any help in advance.  Like I said, I’ll be limited on free time for the next few days, so I may not get back to you.  But I will get back to you.  I promise.



One response

15 08 2009
Captain Canuck

nope. not alone. I dislike the sketch cards as well….

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