Victory is mine!

15 08 2009

I’m a little impatient to get my son into collecting.  At two days away from 3, it’s clearly too early, but when we were looking at potential birthday gifts with him, I showed him a blaster of hockey cards and talked of opening it with him.  He enthusiastically shook his head up and down, so I grabbed it.  And a pack of Spongebob cards, too, just in case.  I was hoping for a 1:12 seeded sponge card.

The blaster was 2009-10 Upper Deck Victory.  It’s a set I never thought I’d collect, but now with a kid I can see the draw.  It’s cheap and relatively easy to put together.  $10 for a 66 card blaster?  I’ll bite.

When we finally got to the blaster box, my son could have cared less.  The Spongebob cards went over a little better mainly because of the sticker insert it contained.  No sponge card, though.  I can’t decide if I should get him a box of the stuff.

On to the hockey, and here’s what infuriates me about Upper Deck and why I will not miss them in the baseball world:  when it comes to hockey, Upper Deck is pretty much locked in.  I don’t like that almost every set has SPs in it, but the designs in general look nice, and, perhaps most important of all, when you open the cards, they don’t come out damaged. They release a fairly solid line of products each year.

It’s honestly the main reason I’m not to concerned about Topps exclusivity.  Upper Deck still pounds the crap out of hockey and does it very well, even with no real competition in sight.  They want to produce great cards so the NHL will stay with them and them alone.  And the NHL gets a quality product and has no reason to invite In the Game, Topps, or anyone else in the door.

The other thing I love is that it’s I don’t have 40 different sets to choose from.  Without looking, I’m guessing without adding it up there’s 12-15 releases in hockey – 2-3 low end, a bunch of mid stuff, and 2-3 high end.  I can sit in the middle and pick and choose what I want.

Or I can go low end and see what’s there.  Since you are all clamoring for Victory, here’s a look:


Did I say 66 cards?  I meant 67.  One oversized card in each blaster box.  This Ranger fan is pretty pleased that this was his. If only he didn’t have to stand on his head each game to give the Rangers a shot.  I’m not sold on the scoring for this season, either.


The base card.  Really nice looking, but I cheated by picking the best of the bunch.  The only complaint I have is the white space.  There’s too much of it.  Maybe a team logo somewhere?  And while my son wasn’t into the cards overall, he did like the shark on Setoguchi’s chest. It’s a start.


The rookies, seeded 1:2.  It’d be more kid friendly if these were just regular cards, but I guess Upper Deck figures that most parents foot the bill for their kid’s hobby, so why not fleece ’em if you can.

Hockey’s Future gives Petruzalek a B rating, which means he could crack the third line if he’s lucky.  And he’s signed a contract to play in Switzerland this year.  So much for this card paying for my son’s college.


And the backs.  My favorite thing is the pronunciation guide under the players name.  That’s mih-kigh-EHL gra-BAWV-skee to you.  Otherwise, nothing too exciting.  The head shot is lifted from the shot on the front, and there’s only room for stats from the last five seasons.  Not what I wanted from the Mats Sundin card I got.

So after not wanting anything to do with Victory releases in the past, I’m pleasantly surprised with this set.  I’m not sure if I’ll keep going with these or just trade them away and try again when my son turns four next year.  For this year, it may serve as a nice distraction for the next 48 days until opening night.




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15 08 2009

I picked up a random pack of the spongebob packs for my 3 year old son from target last weekend. We did get the sponge card. He loved it. He got his first “Hit”, he doesn’t know what that means, but he likes his special card. (o:

7 09 2009

Just ordered some of the Phoenix Coyotes off Sportlots. Look like great cards! Can’t wait until they arrive.


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