1994 Fleer hobby box review

30 09 2009

When I posted that John Kruk card all those many weeks ago, it was supposed to be a tease that more 1994 Fleer cards were coming.  Finally, here they be.

I’ve always toyed with the idea of picking up another hobby box of this stuff.  Not that the first one wowed me or anything like that.  But when I look through the lens of fifteen years, I really like the way these look.


Take, for example, this Julio Franco.  Beautiful card.  Franco has been in the majors for twelve years already when this card came out, and would last another thirteen (Japan included) with various teams.  If there’s a “Who’s the oldest player in baseball to…?” question, chances are Julio’s your man.

And since I’m a Reds fan, here’s his connection:  His two run double in the 1990 All Star game, the one that made him MVP?  Hit off Rob Dibble, Cincinnati Red.


For those not familiar, the back, featuring Mitch Webster running for (or from, I suppose) something.  Godzilla, maybe?  Who knows.  The point is, it’s a great design, too, with the head shot the focus and the body faded out behind I believe at most 12 years of stats.  I defy you Dodgers fan to name a “key hit” or “key defensive play” form 1993 that the card text refers to.

What I remember Fleer most for from 1994 is an insert in every pack.  I’m not going to show any of them because none of them have really withstood the test of time.  Had I pulled a Smoke and Heat insert, maybe.  But I didn’t.  Most of the inserts feature a grayish brown border that’s an awful choice for cards.

Instead, since I love the main set so much, I want to focus on that.  There were a few oddities with this one.  First off, I barely sniffed a card numbered under 100.  In fact, the bulk of the box featured cards 200 and up, which would be frustrating for a set collector if I didn’t already have a good chunk of the first 200 cards.

The second oddity involves the Reds.  Before I go further, though, I still got a childlike thrill when I pulled this guy:


Barry Larkin.  Pure awesome.  Or should I say soon to be Hall of Famer Barry Larkin?  He’s gotta be a lock, right? .295 career average, almost 200 HRs and close to 400 stolen bases, World Champ in 1990 and MVP in 1995, all from a position not known for those kind of things.  Oh, he’s gotta be in there.

Barry was one of 25 Reds I pulled.  25!  There are 27 Reds in the whole set, and I almost pulled the whole freakin’ team.  And I knew every single one of them.  Except this guy:


Jerry’s Baseball Reference transaction section is filled with “Signed by’s” followed a few months later with “Released by’s.”  He is one of the only Reds my wife actually pointed out to me as we opened this box.

If you’re interested, it’s a 540 count box, with 504 base cards and 36 inserts.  I pulled 165 cards that I needed for my set and now have an extra 259 duplicates to trade, if you’re interested.  There were 80 damaged cards, mostly because the cards UV coating stuck them together in corners and edges that stuck out got bent.  Still, for the price I paid, it was well worth it.

I’ll have a few more of my favorites over the next few posts.  Whether it takes me a week or another month, I’ll do it, gosh darn it.  You should hold me to it.




4 responses

30 09 2009

Consider yourself held.

If you can show off some random Brewer it would be much appreciated!

30 09 2009
night owl

Best Fleer base set of the ’90s.

30 09 2009

This is a Fleer set I STILL need to pick up….now the 1995 Fleer could have been a future death knell for them…..

3 10 2009

One of my all-time favorite sets. Clean design, fairly good photography. Now the 1995 set was obviously LSD induced.

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