2010 Topps design: I kinda miss Upper Deck

30 09 2009

I know this is silly, really, but after seeing the Pujols card from 2010 Topps on Mario’s site (and can we please get other players on preview cards? I feel like I see that guy every time a new set design is released), I really thought, ‘Man, I miss Upper Deck.’

Not because the design is bad. It’s not.  But it’s not great, either. And in years past when I was disappointed by one set, usually the other one would lift me up and get me excited for the new year.  But not for 2010.  This is it.  It’s meh at it’s finest, and it’s going to set the tone for next year’s releases.

Too bad.

Topps 2010:  The only one!




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