Updates, I’ve got them

23 11 2009

Not the cards, but an update on the blog itself.

It’s been almost two months since my last post, an ode to the band and the player known as Devo.  Then, like them, I went on a hiatus to pursue other interests.  It’s mostly been family related, and studies show that kids develop better when their parents interact with them and not a baseball card blog read by tens of people each day.  Since I am a man of science, I heed to those works and give my attention to my son and daughter now rather than you guys.  Sorry.

They’ve also decided that I’m a guy who needs more responsibility at work.  Which means no down time to write posts to add the scans to later.  I’ve tried to convince them they are wrong about me, but they just don’t listen.  If I were in a job where persuasiveness were important, it would be evidence in my favor.  But I’m not.  So it goes.

Then there’s the financial aspect.  At some point I had to decided between diapers and Donruss, between teethers and Topps.  Diapers and day care won, and it really wasn’t that much of a contest to be honest.

I look now at blaster boxes and single packs and think, ‘Man, I really don’t need any of this stuff.’  Then I’m off to the infant aisle for nose drops or vitamins or whatever we need at the house that drove me out there in the first place.  Cards have become (once more) non-essential.

It doesn’t mean I’m out for good.  I’m on the fence about next year’s Topps because frankly the design disappoints me more every time I see it.  And Upper Deck…  can I really trust Upper Deck to save me from my doldrums?

I do have some stuff scanned for the future, and I guess if I hadn’t just wasted your time with this you could have seen them instead.  And I’ve got some stacks that I still intend to scan and share.  And emails keep coming that I will have time to reply to soon.  Even with the holidays, things are actually kind of slowing down around here.  We’ll see how long that lasts.




2 responses

25 11 2009

Fatherhood is great. I quit collecting years ago, but got back into it once my son started. Now it is something we can do together. It also brings the fun back, because he gets just as excited getting an Angels card out of a retail pack than some people do pulling an auto or relic out of an overpriced hobby box.

12 12 2009
Captain Canuck

agree with what Bobby said… enjoy those times bud, we’ll be here when you return, and if we’re not, well, we’ll be back sometime too….

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