Ask and ye shall see ’94 Fleer

18 01 2010

Four posts and three and a half months ago I posted my ’94 Fleer box break, and someone requested some Brewers from the set in the comments.  I think I had the cards scanned within the week, and they’ve sat in a folder since then waiting to be called on.  Well, it’s their big day.

The 1993 Brewers finished the season with a 69-93 record, 26 games behind the Toronto Blue Jays in the AL East.  Part of the reason for their dismal record would be that Juan Bell, at that point a career .200 hitter, started 80 games at the middle infield positions for them.  Juan hit a robust .234 (a career high at that point) with 5 HRs, which wasn’t much of a drop off from the guys he filled in for, 2B Bill Spiers and SS Pat Listach.

How about some alteration at first base?  Jaha was destined for greatness and derailed by injuries, but in his second season in the majors he hit fairly well.  He would go on to have two seasons of hitting .300 with over 20 HRs before the injuries took over.  Jaha would have one final healthy season in 1999, winning comeback player of the year as a member of the Oakland A’s and tying the team record for HR’s by a designated hitter.

I’ll be honest, I don’t remember Dave Nilsson, but I’m sure Brewer fans do.  Nilsson at his peak average about 15 HR’s a season behind the plate and was named to an All Star team in 1999, the same year John Jaha made his only appearance.  Nilsson became a free agent at the end of the ’99 season and left the majors so he could play for host country Australia in the 2000 Olympics.

I’m not sure why the Brewers thought Reimer would turn out better than Dante Bichette, but they did, so they traded Bichette for Reimer straight up.  Reimer played a whole season for the Brewers before leaving baseball.  Bichette would go on to be a four-time All Star for the Colorado Rockies.  Advantage, Colorado.

And finally, how could you post about the Brewers without including Robin Yount?  Robin was clearly on the downward slope of his career and here he’s pictured counting down the days until retirement while playing for the last place team.  Five years later, he’d be inducted into the Hall of Fame.  It’s probably my least favorite of the five cards here, but again, it’s Robin Yount.  So there.

Sorry it took so long, but I try to honor all requests here when I get a chance.  Hope it was worth the wait.




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