2010 Topps

20 01 2010

I’ll admit I’ve been out of the loop lately, but I did think the other day that the new Topps cards should be out soon, and when my wife asked me if I wanted anything from Target earlier today I almost asked her to pick me up some new baseball cards.  Then I realized it’s only January, and that’s way to early for anything new.

I see now, thanks to Phungo, that perhaps I should have voiced my request.  I was decidedly “meh” about 2010 Topps when it was first announced,  and I have seen nothing when it comes to the base cards that have changed my mind about that yet.

Looking over the inserts, I dig the whole ’51 Red Backs idea, but eventually this whole retro trend will become stale (if it hasn’t already) and Topps will have to come up with an actual new idea to replace it.  Speaking of stale, I see Turkey Reds are back as inserts this year.  *yawn*

In fact, all of the inserts look pretty dull, which will save my ever tightening pocketbook from forking out some serious dough for this stuff.  I’ll do the base set as I do every year, but I see nothing else from this set that’s going to make me empty out my baseball card budget, whatever that happens to be this year.  So thanks, Topps, for saving me from myself.

A remarkably “meh” performance from Topps: The only one!



One response

20 01 2010

Someone really needs to create a “The Only One” logo. I would definitely put that on my blog.

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