Straight A’s from ’94 Fleer

20 01 2010

I’ve finally got my morning chores done (it’s 2:00 pm here now), so I thought what a better way to take a break then by posting the last group of ’94 Fleer cards I meant to do so many months ago. While I was sorting through the set and putting together my wantlists, I began to wonder why the heck the A’s got such awesome shots in the ’94 Fleer set.

For example, Dennis Eckersley:

I can’t imagine a Dodger fan who doesn’t see Dennis Eckersley and instantly think Kirk Gibson.  Reds fans more than likely think of famed cheetah racer Billy Bates chopping a 10th inning single off the plate and later scoring on a Joe Oliver hit to put the Reds up two games to none in the 1990 World Series.  I just remember thinking the game was always over when Eck took the mound, but there are two instances where I was happy to be wrong.

And look at that card.  The effort.  The framing.  The mustache.  Unimpressed?  Okay, how about Dave Henderson?

I imagine the safe bet is Dave’s calling for the ball, but I like to imagine it’s some sort of primal scream after a routine catch in the outfield.

Want some action?  How about Terry Steinbach?

When I first saw this card I wondered why Steinbach was involved in a play at second base.  I imagine it’s just the cropping.  My guess?  Haselman’s out.

Too much action?  How about some quiet contemplation:

Even the backup outfielders got cool looking cards.  Oh, Scott Lydy where are you now?  Perhaps at the Seattle Aquarium with your kids?

And finally…

Well, they can’t all be gems, I guess.  Or for every Tony, there’s a half-brother Marcos.

So I defy you to go to your 1994 Fleer and find five players with better cards than that from the same team.  Just let me know if you do.  I’ll be waiting.




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