Placez l’accomplissement (sort of) – 1990/91 Upper Deck

25 01 2010

Finalement !

Twenty years after buying a cheap-o box at a card show in Evansville, Indiana, I can finally cross 90/91 Upper Deck hockey off my list.  Well the low series, anyway.  For all that it’s worth, I’m still waiting for someone to hand me the high series just so they can get rid of it.  No takers yet.

Let me say, too, that I love cards featuring teams that no longer exist.  Here, its Les Nordiques de Quebec!  Magnifique! And it’s really gotta suck for your team to start to improve, have it sold away to another city, and then have that team win a Stanley Cup upon its arrival in their new home.

You could certainly argue that cup would have never happened in Quebec – after all, would the Canadians really have traded Patrick Roy to a Canadian and division rival?  Probably not.  Could the Quebec have gone all the way with Jocelyn Thibault between the pipes?  Probably so.  Would it have been enough to save the sinking ship that was the Nordiques?  I’m not quite sure on that one.

Instead Colorado got a Stanley Cup winning ready team.  No struggles.  Nothing to overcome, really.  Just a Cup.  And it’s for that reason I dislike the Avalanche.  That and they didn’t have the decency to honor the retired numbers of the Nordiques after the move.

But enough of that.  How about a colorful baseball card instead:

I’m not sure which surprises me more:  the fact that I’m still three cards away from my third complete set or the fact that I’m even bothering to complete that third set in the first place.

At one point I was going to focus on this set and this set alone just to get it finished.  I gave up on that in a month.  Thank goodness for it, too, or I’d never have completed that 90/91 hockey set.  Thanks to Lowry, Fielder, and Bautista, I’m tantalizingly close to knocking this set off the list as well.  There will be much rejoicing when it happens.

These cards, by the way, showed up in the mail while I was on hiatus.  I think they were part of a trade that my brother engineered, but I honestly don’t remember at this point.  I’m just happy to have them.




One response

26 01 2010

I’m pretty sure they were a gift from your brother.

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