26 01 2010

It’s a math joke, folks.  Get it?

My kids bought me some loose packs for Christmas since I had hinted I’d be interested in the set.  I realize the mad rush for T206 has mostly come and gone, and we should all be blogging on “The Only One’s!” first exclusive release.  More on that later, I suppose.

But first, another of last year’s nails in Upper Deck’s coffin of baseball.

My favorite card of the bunch, and not just because I’m lucky I got him cheap in a fantasy keeper league.  I think 2008 and his 3.41 ERA was the anomaly, and 2009’s 4.60 ERA is a bit high.  We’ll see what 2010 has in store.

Two things bother me with the card itself, though.  First, the goofy Topps 206 logo in the corner.  Distracting from the overall beauty of the card.  Second, his name’s at the bottom of the card, so when you look at the picture the right way it’s not at the bottom.  I suppose I’d complain either way now that I think about it, so I should just be glad Topps didn’t do both and make one a stealth insert short print to try and drum up interest on the set, I suppose.

Here’s what I don’t like about the set.  David Hernandez looks like he’s got a bad case of vitiligo here, and the bottom of his face is all washed out into his mouth.  I’m not even sure he has a bottom row of teeth.  Either there’s an extraordinary amount of baseball players with this disease, or Topps needs to work on this for the next  time they reinvigorate the T206 corpse.

Topps also made some odd color choices.  That orange-yellow is awful in the background of Mr. Schafer, though maybe Topps caught him on a day the sun exploded.  Otherwise, a nice looking card that makes me want the set.

The backs.  I haven’t read a lot of the reviews, but does anyone like the faux staining that Topps put on the cards?  You can see it here by “University” and “record.”  Plus, it was a fun way to share a Will Farrell fact.

I pulled no Reds in the packs at all, which was a little disappointing, but I did get this:

A Tommy Hanson’s tongue regular back mini!  And no, it’s not horribly off-center, my scanner’s just drunk.  I think it’s taking the rest of the afternoon off.

Will I be collecting more of these.  Well, to be honest the budget is not what it used to be, so this one will probably get past over for now unless I find some super sweet deal.  But if you want to swap some Reds for something I’ve got, shoot me an email or leave me a comment.




One response

26 01 2010
Captain Canuck

I have a real nice ’82 Topps Johnny Bench and a ’82 Topps Johnny Bench “In Action” for you in exchange for Tiny Tommy?

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