2009/10 OPC hockey (finally)

27 01 2010

I headed over to my local box store today to check out their collection of 2010 Topps.  As I made my way to the card section, I started shaking a bit and my hands got tingly.  They knew what was coming.  I haven’t personally bought cards in months, and that itch would finally be scratched.

I was overwhelmed.  First, 2010 Topps was there.  I grabbed two packs, and then two more.   I couldn’t put them down.  I tried to convince my hands to do it, but they weren’t listening to me, no matter how loud I yelled.  And lord knows I didn’t want to make a scene, so I made peace with it quickly and moved on.  Then I grabbed a pack of Bowman Chrome.  Never had one of those before.  And then Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects.  Oh yeah, it felt so good.

Then I saw this guy starting at me from the hanging rack:

“What’s that look of disgust for, Wayne?  I’m not used to seeing you like that.”

“BoChrome and Draft Picks?  Really?  Are you ever going to chase those sets?”  He asked, still glaring.

“No.  Probably not.  I just thought the fun of-”

He cut me off.  “Remember seven months ago when you were excited about OPC hockey?”

“I guess so.  But there’s too many cards.  And I’ve got another kid now.  A 600 card set is a pipe dream.  Especially with short prints.”

“But you always complain about all the loose packs of cards you have lying around taking up space, don’t you?  Look, I’m not called ‘The Great One’ for nothing.  Trust me.  You’ll love us.”

How can I argue with logic like that?  Down went the BoChrome and DP and P.  Into my hands went the OPC rack.

This morning I finally opened it up, and…

… man, I can’t tell if that’s beautifully ugly or just plain ugly.  Maybe Upper Deck could have invested in some teal instead of whatever blue-green color choice that is.  A pity, too, because all the other teams seem to have their border colors match pretty well.

See what I mean?  A pretty close match if you ask me.  I know he signed his five-year extension a few seasons ago, but you have to wonder if he’ll be a career Flame or not.  With the financial troubles in Calgary what they are I just can’t see that happening, and to be honest it’ll be quite awkward to see Jerome in any other jersey.

Nice looking card of “The Boogeyman” there.  He currently has the longest active streak for games played since scoring his last goal.  No one watches Derek on the ice to score goals, though.

I did pull a Ranger, but it’s Michael Rozsival, so I’m not going to waste the energy.  No retro parallel, either, which once again are the cards to chase from the set.  Those fall 1:3 of these rack pack things.  As do these cards:

The Legends and Rookie short prints return this year as well.  In fact, as I noted in the preview, it’s pretty much the same set as last year.  But why would Upper Deck screw with such a good thing?

Boxes are currently on eBay for $53-$72, plus shipping.




2 responses

28 01 2010
Captain Canuck

yeah, it’s one ugly set all right. My wife calls it the Kraft Dinner set because it looks like the cards you used to be able to cut out of the box of KD… who am I to judge…. she’s right…

4 02 2010

If you want to build just the base set, then rack packs are the way to go.

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