2010 Topps, the shortprints, and me

30 01 2010

JayBee has been all over the 2010 Topps Series 1 shortprints, and announced last night that there are even more Yankees with pie on their face, including some series 2 cards that are being pre-released.  What’s the point of that?  What is Topps scheming to take the place of those unannounced short prints in series 2?  I shudder to think.

So that’s 29 short-printed cards.  No doubt the Yankees cards are designed to appeal to fans of the most popular team in baseball, and I must admit it’s a great way to drive interest in your product.  Topps hit paydirt with the Jeter-Bush card in 2007, and they won’t stop until they bleed this thing dry.  Even I am tempted to go after that Joe Morgan card from this year and am certain the Johnny Bench can’t be far behind.

So why do I find these things so frustrating?  I’m realizing now I’m a greedy collector.  I want one of every card, and this makes it even harder to accomplish that goal.  After all, most short prints are ridiculously hard to track down at a decent price.  Do I really want to pay $10-$15 for a 2010 Morgan, or spend that on a nice 1966 card instead?  Heck, I could probably pull off the Morgan 70’s collection for that price.  Vintage still rules, after all.

So what’s a set collector to do?  Well,  for this one, it’s the same thing that I did for last year’s.  Put ’em on my wantlist and let them sit there.  Wait for someone to offer them up and see how bad I actually want them then.  Until then, I’ve got plenty of other cards to chase.




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30 01 2010

I still haven’t picked up the Nolan Ryan or Duke Snider shortprints from last year… fortunately I don’t have any to worry about yet this year.

The only one that would irk me as a set collector is the Curtis Granderson one. If they had time to airbrush his photo, it should have been done for his regular card – it shouldn’t be a shortprint. The rest are just fun bonuses to chase after if you’re so inclined.

30 01 2010

Amen to that. I’m taking the same approach with last year’s Schmidt, Carlton and Sandberg short prints. I’d like to have them eventually, but I can’t justify buying them at $10 to $20 a pop.

30 01 2010

Yep – that’s the way to go. Put it on the wantlist, and get it someday (hopefully) in a reasonable swap. Win-win situation.

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