Designation Positive

6 02 2010

Positive.  I’m going to try to stay positive today. 

My 10 month old daughter has decided she doesn’t want to sleep soundly anymore.  It’s possibly tooth related (her third), but whatever the reason it keeps us up at night  (ed – My wife took her to the urgent care, and it’s bronchitis and pneumonia!  That exclamation point is positive!).  Since I wake up earlier to go to work, my wife has been willing to do more than her fair share the past two nights, and I’m very grateful for that. 

It still has left me worn out (thought not as worn out as she is), and that tends to make me a little more cranky that I usually am.  That made me ready to blog about this card from 2010 Topps because I really didn’t care much for it.  But after reading a comment from Dr Brian Price at ITG the other day , I’ve decided to try and shake the negative vibe and be positive, even about a card I don’t care much for. 

So, here’s four things that I can find to like about this card:

1.  It’s got good color, especially the darkening evening sky. Too bad the first DH took the field at 1:53 pm (is that a negative?  Crap.)  Night Owl, would this qualify as a Night Card, or do you have to start a new series entitled “Awesome Dusk Cards?”

2.  You can’t make it out in the scan, but I swear that’s Jim Rice on the scoreboard picture, so Topps took some effort to get a picture from the right era.  Too bad Rice’s début wasn’t until 1974 (Dang it!)

3.  It even looks like the 2nd team in the picture is the Yankees, which would be the Red Sox opponent in the first DH game.

4.  This card made me find this story, which made me chuckle:

Yankee Ron Blomberg, a lifetime .293 hitter, was the first official “Designated Pinch Hitter,” as the position was originally called. Before the game, he asked bench coach Elston Howard what to do as DH. “He said,” Blomberg recalled, ‘the only thing you do is go take batting practice and just hit.’ ”

“When it was my time to hit,” Blomberg said, “the bases were loaded. I was batting sixth in the Yankee order against Luis Tiant. I walked and forced in a run.” The DH

“I was left at first base,” the brand-new first DH said. “And I was going to stay there because normally that was my position. Elston said ‘Come on back to the bench, you aren’t supposed to stay out here.’ I went back and said, ‘What do I do?’ He said, ‘You just sit here with me.’

Well, I certainly tried, and two purely positive things is still pretty good with the attitude I started with.  It’s also made me change my attitude towards the card from dislike to a more neutral tone.  If anyone else wants to point out more positives, I may actually start to like this card. 

On a personal note, my streak of posts with a comment seems to have ended at eight.  Another negative.  It’s funny how posts that you think are going to generate some comments don’t and other posts you think nothing of can spark a memory or a thought in others.



3 responses

6 02 2010

Nice entry about the first DH. I just finished my entry about Ron Blomberg in my 1976 Baseball blog. I added this to the entry. 🙂

6 02 2010
Captain Canuck

it’s weird reading a few blogs where the authors have tried to be positive… I guess it is hareder than I thought…

6 02 2010

That whole anecdote pretty much explains why the DH rule is incredibly stupid.

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