Why is it hard to stay positive?

10 02 2010

How about crap like this:

With the releases of its first baseball card set of the New Year, the Upper Deck Company is excited to announce a unique “variation card” promotion that should send collectors clamoring for both hobby and retail packs of 2010 Upper Deck Series One Baseball. A total of 25 of the 600-card first series set’s base-level cards have scarce variation cards featuring between two and four subtle tweaks to the image shown on the commonly seeded version of the card that collectors will need to keep an eye out for.

If I were anywhere near the fence on whether to collect Upper Deck this year, I’m certainly off it now. This has to be one of the worst promotional ideas I’ve heard since a cross product insert commemorating Yankee Stadium and a cross product promotion celebrating the last twenty years.

Upper Deck will give you autographed baseball memorabilia if you complete the entire set of variations. To give you a head start, they’ve announced there are three Jorge Posada variations and four Chase Utley variations, and will announce more of them each month in case you rightfully lose interest.

The variations fall 1:96 hobby packs and 1:960 retail packs, and not all cards are equally scarce. Some are six times harder to find (so, 1:576 and 1:5760, respectively). I’m finding it six times harder to give a crap about any of it.




4 responses

10 02 2010

I don’t think it should matter unless you’re a player collector — then I could see why you’d be annoyed.

If you’re just building the set, take the common version and forget the others exist. It’s not like the Yankee Stadium cards, where they would be taking the place of a real card in your pack.

And if you enjoy impossible contests, well now you have a reason to love Upper Deck. 🙂

10 02 2010
Jim from Downingtown

Why doesn’t Upper Deck just scrap all the ridiculous gimmicks and just give us cards for all 25 players per team?

10 02 2010
John Bateman

This sounds like an illegal lottery. OK, lets set buy a million packs of cards to get all the variation (somewhere around 50-100) and Upper Deck will give you a autograph of Jeff Clement.

11 02 2010
Captain Canuck

all the more reason why i’m not collecting UD or Topps this year.

I’ll wait for a stupid case buster giving away their “useless” base cards and pick up Braves team sets.

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