The Hall of Positive

13 02 2010

Quick, can you name the first five inductees into the Baseball Hall of Fame?  I couldn’t.   I managed Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth, but those two were pretty easy.  I completely blanked on the two pitchers that went in alongside them, and the only reason I knew the fifth will be made apparent later.  Feel free to guess among yourselves.

I bought a couple more rack packs of 2010 Topps from the local box the other day, and I think it’s the last retail I’ll purchase for a while.  Not because it was a disappointment, but because I have limited resources to spend on cards this year and I don’t want to blow all my cash on retail Topps this early in the year.  I’ve got to come up with some sort of budget first. 

This budget will probably severely restrict what sets I put together for 2010, so I’m a little relieved that I’m mad at Upper Deck right now and not blowing money on that stuff.  I do like the Portraits previews, but it seems like cheating to include them as an insert just by putting different numbers on them.  Hopefully Upper Deck and I have patched things up by the time that set is released. 

This budget will also limit my collecting of insert set, which is why I’m glad I’m not overly thrilled with any of the Topps stuff so far.  I have grown to like this History of the Game set because I’m actually learning from it.  The sister set Legends of the Game I can do without, mostly because so far I have a card of a bloody sock and I’m tired of Manny being Manny. 

Back to the Hall of Fame.  Have you figured out the other three initial nominees?  I’m leaving the pitchers up to you, but here’s how I knew the fifth subject:

I guess my local pack searchers are out of practice, or maybe they felt that rack packs were beneath them.  Whatever the reason, it was quite a surprise to pull it from the usually well searched card section.   And it served as a nice cheat sheet as I tried to name all five of the initial Hall of Fame inductees. 

In a tribute to how burnt out I am on relic cards, I was pretty blase about the pull initially.  Then I realized this little square of wood is probably more than 90 years old.  Or so I hope.  Maybe it was part of a bat that contributed to his league leading 201 hits in 1908.  Or one of his 22 triples back in 1900.  Or maybe he threw this bat aside after one of his 51 strikeouts in 1914.  Whatever the use, it’s still a fairly cool piece of nebulous history, especially for the cost of a rack pack.

Now back to those last two inductees.  Here’s one last hint.  One of my other guesses, Cy Young, was wrong.  He received less than half the votes for entry and would have to wait for year two before enshrinement in the hall. 

Leave your guesses in the comments.  No cheating, either.




4 responses

13 02 2010

Nice pull!!

I got one of the pitchers (the one who had the longer career) and completely blanked on the other one, even though I should have known it.

13 02 2010
night owl

Christy Matthewson and Walter Johnson.

I think the Tales of the Game insert set is the best insert set of the year. It freakin’ rocks!

13 02 2010

Then you can have mine, good sir. If I ever get time to go through wantlists again, I’ll make sure to include the sock of blood in the package to you.

24 02 2010

Awesome pull!

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