Topps million card giveaway is live!

15 02 2010

For you impatient lot, the topps million giveaway is finally live.

The best card I’ve seen go so far is a 1987 Mike Schmidt (they have a little tracker on the side). Awe. Some.

Good luck!

*update* …and the server’s no longer responding just two minutes later, at least for me.

*updated again*. Perhaps it’s my browser giving me problems, cause I’m back on. I have a feeling im not the only one that’s having problems, though.

I dig the “recent redemptions” box on the right side. So many ’80’s cards, but I did see two 1950’s commons go by as well. I just hope Topps can work out the server issues soon.




2 responses

15 02 2010
night owl

No, you’re not the only one.

17 02 2010

A guy in one of my trading groups pulled a ’53 Topps high number of one of the Reds. As he noted, there’s no way to know what condition it’s in, but presumably it would be bad PR if it was in really awful shape. My series 1 box should be here this week, and I’m all aflutter with thoughts of pulling a card of a former Reds great like Puleo, Gale, O’Berry, Trevino… many memories.

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