Some Upper Deck news

21 02 2010

Just because Upper Deck and I aren’t getting along right now doesn’t mean I won’t update you on things they do. And I must give them credit where credit is due – they’ve embraced this social networking thing so much better than Topps has at this point. I couldn’t even find a Topps Facebook presence, just a page for the webcom “Back on Topps” which I had totally forgotten about until I finding them there. Apparently season two has been and gone, with no word on when and if season three will be launched.

So all this news comes via Upper Deck’s Facebook page. First off, no OPC baseball this year. I’m not disappointed, but I know a lot of people who enjoyed last year’s release, so those of you that did like it can began the seven stages of grieving now. Upper Deck claims that it “did not perform well enough” last year to merit a second season, and based on it’s reception last year, I’m not surprised. To be honest, I can’t imagine we will see much new release information from UD until more of their court and financial struggles are resolved.

Secondly, no OPC Hockey update this year as it’s been replaced by OPC Metal I know a few people who were bothered by last year’s 200 card update with all those shortprints on top of the inital 600 card base set, so I think this is a wise move by Upper Deck. It certainly will make me take a second look at OPC hockey for this year.

Finally, Upper Deck’s having a Facebook contest for a signed Eddie Murray baseball. All you have to do is post one of the “Double Take” variants on their Facebook page to enter, and the contest ends later tonight or tomorrow. I must admit here that I clearly misunderstood the initial rules of the game as released by Upper Deck when they stated that the Jorge Posada card had four variations. They meant one card, four subtle changes, but I read it as four cards each with one variation. This makes the whole thing a bit easier to swallow, but I’m still not a fan of this contest at all.

I was going to type all the variants that have been posted so far, but it appears that someone at the BaseballCardPedia is also a fan of Upper Deck’s facebook page because they have the same ones available listed there. So instead, I’ll leave you the link and invite you to check out the wiki on your own.




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