Five reasons I’ll collect 2010 Allen & Ginter

23 02 2010

I’m still comprising my budget for the year, but here’s five reasons that Allen & Ginter will end up on my buy list based on the sell sheets I’ve seen (Thanks JayBee!)

1.  Lords of Olympus insert set – Zeus, Hera, Eros, and 22 of their Greek mythology friends on cardboard?  How can you go wrong?  I’m hoping I pull a Hephaestus so I don’t have to shell out big bucks on the secondary market. (Updated –  Just saw the checklist.  No Hephaestus.  Thanatos is now the one I’m coveting).

2.  Monsters of the Mesozoic – A 25 card dinosaur insert set.  This would be perfect if my son were another year or so older, but he knows his Apatosaurus from his Triceratops.  I’m going to love showing these to him. 

3.  World’s Greatest Wordsmiths – Haven’t Dostoevsky and Shakespeare already had base cards?  Oh well.  Is it too much to hope for a Steinbeck? (Updated – Again, saw the checklist, and apparently it was too much to hope.  I’ll have to settle for Washington Irving instead.  Sleepy Hollow!)

4.  The Allen & Ginter book cards.  It’s a long shot, I know, since there’s only 10 of them and they are each 1/1, but that Porcello/Scherzer on the sell sheet looks good.   I’m interested in the “historical personalities” cards.   Sorry no image, but I don’t have the capabilities right now. 

5. The fossil relics.  I know Upper Deck did this already in their Champs hockey release, but I didn’t have the money for that one.  This time I can save up.  +100 cool points with my son if I show him one of these.




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23 02 2010

[…] for that one. This time I can save up. +100 cool points with my son if I show him one of these. Five reasons I’ll collect 2010 Allen & Ginter Hand Collated __________________ Shop for Sports Cards and Trading […]

23 02 2010

Huh. I might buy a box too, for the same reasons you’d be buying one. Those inserts are not exactly heavily seeded, though, and I don’t really want to spend a lot of money on new stuff that could be going for vintage cards. Still, Frances might enjoy some dinosaurs. And deities.

23 02 2010

Hey, isn’t that an RPG? Dinosaurs and deities?

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