A second wave of stupidity from Upper Deck

26 02 2010

The Beckett Blog has announced Upper Deck’s latest gimmick to take in as much money as they can so they can pay it to MLB later.  It’s a second wave of series 1 cards with even more base cards than before!

The Wave 2 release will include 50 additional cards in the set, Nos. 601-650, along with a selection of cards from the 600-card Series 1 set. These cards will be found one per standard pack and two per 36-card Fat Pack when it arrives on May 4.

Upper Deck should have released these packs on April 1st, because this has to be a joke, right? Releasing a 600 card set, and then three months later deciding to issue 50 more cards to that set and seeding them one per retail pack is absolutely ridiculous. I can tolerate the 50 cards (though I’d still be a little upset) had they been part of the initial release. But three months later? If I had already bought Upper Deck hobby boxes to build my set I’d be upset.

What a smack in the face to the set collector on this one. I’m so glad I’ve sworn off this set.

*Updated to add that these cards will be retail packs only.  Take that, hobby collectors!*




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26 02 2010

I think this has to do with the fact that as a part of the lawsuit over the logos UD agreed to not release Series 2 until after the trial was over, and this is a way to have new flagship product in the stores when we’d normally get a Series 2 release which will be delayed.

26 02 2010

WildWIll might be on to something, but it seems like Upper Deck is out to piss off every potential collector in 2010. The strategy might be a way around all the legal issues (Topps does the same thing with the Heritage High Numbers) but it’s still frustrating.

26 02 2010

Upper Deck did the same thing in 2007. They put a redemption card in Hobby Boxes for an update rookie set of 30 cards. Then later on (After series one came out, but before series two) they put out a special Rookie Rack Pack that had the redemption cards randomly inserted. I pulled an Alex Gordon RC numbered 504 in a 500 card set and was like, WTF? At least they are one per pack this time.

26 02 2010
Chris Harris

This is what it is. It’s the return of High Number Baseball. Not that I have a problem with that, it’s just I wish Upper Deck had told us earlier that they’d be doing this.

26 02 2010

Right, and I tried to make clear my issue isn’t the 50 extra cards, it’s the addition of them so late in the game.

27 02 2010
John Bateman

In 1989-90, NBA Hoops also did this – they added Minnesota Timberwolves and Orlando Magic expansion player cards and about 20 other veterans.

Hey 2010 Upper Deck Baseball became 1989-90 NBA Hoops (the official card of the NBA).

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