Trading with Night Owl is never where

3 03 2010

I can guess what Night Owl is thinking.

“Handcollated, we haven’t traded cards in months.”

And he’s right, we haven’t.  But some time last year I sent him a few 1988 Score cards to get them out of my closet start his set, and just as I went on hiatus last year a package arrived with this:

Having 500 less 1988 Score cards is payoff enough, but I’ll always take A & G anyway.  Let’s see what he sent.

Giants fan or not, that’s a beauty of a card right there.  Even a Dodger fan should be able to admit that one.  And while us Reds fans are excited to see what Drew Stubbs can do in center field, I’m certain we all wish we’d taken “the Freak” with the 8th pick instead.  Lincecum, Harang, Arroyo, Bailey and Cueto with Volquez, Chapman, and Leake waiting in the wings – egad.  I’d put up with another year of C-Pat for that one.

I’m going to take the high road, Cleveland fans, and not ask you how Jeff Stevens is working out (for Mark DeRosa?  who you turned around for Chris Perez and Jess Todd?  I see).  Phillips has another two, maybe three years in a Reds uniform before he becomes a free agent.  Will the Yankees or the Red Sox be in need by then?  Because unless something magical happens, I can’t imagine the Reds have the money to keep him.

I just love the look on Teahen’s face and I do not want to know what he’s about to do with that bat.

Sometimes these cards work, and other times you get the Suez Canal.  The only thing that would make this card worse would be if it was a short print.  It’s not…

…but this card is.  I’ve never been big on Jeff Samardzija.  I remember the pick getting panned at the time, and after 2008 Cubs fans had to think that maybe it was going to work out after all.  2009 proved them wrong, and Jeff still has a lot to prove in 2010.

And since I mentioned draft regrets earlier, one round after Samardzija this guy was taken:

Of course, teams skipped Bailey for five rounds and 187 players, so it’s not just the Cubs that would turn back the clock on this one.

And for those of you wondering about the title…

Enjoy.  And a belated thanks to Night Owl, too.  Now if I can just convince him he needs a 1990 Upper Deck set…




2 responses

4 03 2010
night owl

I have no memory of sending those cards. Or writing that note. In fact I don’t even know how I got onto this blog …

4 03 2010

Whoever sent them was very happy I sent you those Score cards. I wonder what they’ll send me if I offer you some ’90 bowman.

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