Oh, Upper Deck (*snicker*)

6 03 2010

The Upper Deck blog has a post entitled, “Will Innovation Be Lost?” It’s a question Upper Deck is asking in the face of their recent settlement with the MLBP, and I’ll have more on it later today (I hope). But this part made me chuckle:

Upper Deck’s debut baseball release also introduced the industry’s first-ever anti-counterfeit hologram on each of its cards. It was groundbreaking. That security device would revolutionize the industry, put competitors on notice, and force card counterfeiters out of business.

It’s nice to see Upper Deck still has a sense of humor in light of the judge’s ruling that they had counterfeited those Yu-Gi-Oh cards.  Maybe they are referring to the fact that they were forced out of the baseball card business because they dried up their legal defense fund fighting (and losing to) Konami?




One response

6 03 2010

Just when I thought that the corporate statements couldn’t get an sillier. 🙂

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