Topps announces a new Lincoln variation

13 03 2010

I know it’s odd to receive a press release on Saturday, but this just came across the Handcollated newswires:

Topps announces a new Lincoln variation – The Topps Company confirmed reports of a new Lincoln variation today.  Card 144 of Rich Harden can be found in both the Lincoln dune buggy and non Lincoln dune buggy variation.  “While we will not confirm the print run at this time, we will confirm it is super duper short printed,” said a Topps spokesman.  “Remember when we got this exclusive contract we talked about bring kids back into the fold, and every one knows that kids love our 16th President almost as much as the game itself, so it was a perfect fit.  We are just surprised it took collectors so long to notice.”

“There’s nothing better to bring kids into the hobby then releasing some super short prints and having the prices of our Series 1 product driven up by speculators,” the Topps spokesman continued.

Topps Series 1 was released earlier this year.

Be sure to check your Hardens for the new variation. I know I came up empty on mine.




2 responses

14 03 2010

hahaha, nice.

14 03 2010
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