Two more Topps Series 1 favorites, another chance to vote

13 03 2010

Match-up 1 To Josh Thole, so we are on to match-up #2. Remember, these are cards I haven’t seen featured elsewhere from the set that deserve some recognition. So recognize, then vote for your favorite and cheer it on in the comments below.

I wasn’t happy last year when Holliday got traded to the Cardinals last year because I realized it would make the Central that much tougher.  Then the rumor was they couldn’t afford to sign both Holliday and Pujols when his contract came up, so there was some hope.  Then the Cards went and signed Holliday anyway.  Even when the Reds do start to compete, it’s going to be that much tougher with Holliday on the Cardinals.

It’s still a beauty of a card, Matt in full extension, red caps and shirts peppering the stands.  It just would have looked better in any other color.

Speaking of the Reds competing, here’s one of the guys who may help in the future, Juan Francisco.  Juan’s led the Reds minor leagues in home runs each of the last two years, but strikes out at a pretty prodigious clip as well.  He’s come up through the system at 3B and there was talk of him competing for the starting LF job this year, but I get the feeling he’ll start in the year in AAA and wait for the inevitable Rolen injury before he’s called up.  Hopefully he’s no Brandon Larson when it happens.

While the Holliday card is enhanced by all that red in the background, Francisco’s card look much better with the cold blue.  It’s what makes the card really stand out.

Two more of the lesser appreciated cards from Series 1.  Here’s your chance to appreciate one more than the other.




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14 03 2010

Francisco had a pretty good day today….

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